Windspiel Campot Pepper Gin Singapore is a 500mL gin with 47% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) from Germany sold by Bevbrands Singapore. LIMITED PERIOD BUNDLE : 4 East Imperial Royal Botanic Tonic 150 mL (4 Bottles) Singapore Bundle

Unmistakable and unforgettable pleasure

Windspiel Premium Dry Kampot Pepper Gin is another novelty from our distillery. This innovation is once again the result of successful cooperation with another manufacturer. With the Windspiel Premium Dry Caxambu Coffee Gin, we recently dared to combine gin and coffee; this time we dare the equally interesting pairing of gin and pepper. Pepper is one of the botanicals that is used internationally as an ingredient to refine juniper distillates – but not in this sophisticated way.

High-quality raw materials and fine ingredients characterize the Windspiel Premium Dry Kampot Pepper Gin from Germany. As always, we used potatoes from regional cultivation in the Vulkaneifel for our Windspiel Gin. Exquisite natural ingredients such as herbs and spices were allowed to macerate in the base alcohol obtained from this and release their aromas to it. The whole thing was complemented by noble red grains of compote pepper from Hennes’ Finest, which were distilled separately in potato alcohol and then married to the gin. These are not just any peppercorns! The Kampot pepper has a protected designation of origin (e.g. like cognac or champagne). As the name suggests, this type of pepper comes exclusively from Cambodia in Asia.

Innovative at the same time suitable for everyday use

The fact that it combines classic features with individual charisma speaks for the clear, chic presentation of Windspiel Premium Dry Kampot Pepper Gin. As a high-quality German gin with pepper, it reveals juniper notes in its aroma and soft taste. In addition to a floral undertone, there is the unmistakable spice of Kampot pepper, which contributes something slightly piquant. The German gin from Windspiel remains mild as usual. It leaves a delicately spicy to flowery overall impression, which also comes into its own in various cocktails. For example, the novelty is ideal for the wind chime Herbal Hemp Tonic.

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Disclaimer for bottles with cork tops:

Please take note that cork quality varies from bottle to bottle and broken corks are not uncommon, especially in aged whiskies. We would like to highlight that a broken cork is not a sign of defect and as the seal is unbroken, the content is fit for consumption.

We take extra care to store our products in a proper and safe environment and regret to inform that we are unable to accept refund or exchange requests due to broken corks for the reasons stated above.

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