Lagavulin 12 Year Old (Bottled in 2017) Limited Edition Scotch Whisky Singapore is a 700mL whisky with 56,5% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) from Isle of Islay sold by Bevbrands Singapore.

This is a natural cask strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky with great depth of taste from the essential Islay distillery, Lagavulin, on the island’s rocky south coast. Beautifully diverse in nature yet direct in appeal, it’s both complex and rewarding and simply a delight to drink. With minerality bursting into fruit and layers of smoke, it perfectly expresses the distillery character.

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Very pale silvery gold, with moderate beading.

Simple, natural and mild. Clean and fresh, with intense sweetness at the front, prickly smoke at the back and savoury, green and earthy notes at its core. The smoke builds, adding richer notes and in time the sweetness is lighter with fruitier tones.

Light and smoothly oily.

Easily approached at natural strength. With a first burst of liquorice the sweetness grows in the mid-palate, as golden syrup suffused with the savoury smoke of burning leaves. The smoke becomes sweeter until finally the greenness returns as gently drying grass.

Sweet and of medium length.

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Disclaimer for bottles with cork tops:
Please take note that cork quality varies from bottle to bottle and broken corks are not uncommon, especially in aged whiskies. We would like to highlight that a broken cork is not a sign of defect and as the seal is unbroken, the content is fit for consumption.

We take extra care to store our products in a proper and safe environment and regret to inform that we are unable to accept refund or exchange requests due to broken corks for the reasons stated above.
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Lagavulin Distillery


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