Jumping Goat Cold Brewed Coffee Infused Vodka Liqueur Singapore is a 700mL liqueur with 33% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) from New Zealand sold by Bevbrands Singapore. Comes with Gift Cup. Get yours while gift cup stock lasts.

A vibrant organic cold brew coffee liqueur with spices, spring water and exquisitely pure New Zealand vodka. Shake 60mls of this coffee infused liquor with 30mls of espresso/nespresso coffee at home, to make the easiest Espresso Martinis known to mankind.

Shake it, savour it, sip it or shoot it. Hell, we’re not going to tell you how to have a good time. Tomorrow starts tonight.

Jumping Goat takes its branding from the legend of Ethiopian goatherd Kaldi, who observed his goats jumping around after they ate berries from a particular bush. Kaldi’s investigations let to the discovery of how these roasted beans could, when dissolved in water, create a delicious drink.

Super rich and chocolatey, with roasted coffee bean, warming spices and slightly bitter espresso.
(by The Chaps at Master of Malt)

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Disclaimer for bottles with cork tops:
Please take note that cork quality varies from bottle to bottle and broken corks are not uncommon, especially in aged whiskies. We would like to highlight that a broken cork is not a sign of defect and as the seal is unbroken, the content is fit for consumption.

We take extra care to store our products in a proper and safe environment and regret to inform that we are unable to accept refund or exchange requests due to broken corks for the reasons stated above.
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