Gold Bar Whiskey Singapore is a 50mL (Bundle of 6) whiskey with 40% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) from USA sold by Bevbrands Singapore.

Award-winning Gold Bar® 889 Blend is an ultra-premium blended whiskey, selected from distilleries from across America, then finished in wine barrels hand-selected from the idyllic Napa Valley in the Golden State of California. Previously used wine barrels, made of French oak, enhance the fruit notes that wine cask maturation brings to the taste. The result is an easy drinking California-style Whiskey.

The Gold Bar 889 Blend is married and matured by the sea, in the San Francisco Bay. Our award-winning whiskey is outstandingly smooth and created from a mash bill of three quality grains: 80% corn, 15% aged rye and 5% barley. A unique modern expression on a traditional blend, Gold Bar Whiskey is 40% alcohol/volume, blended, finished and bottled by the Gold Bar Bottle Company.

Delectably smooth and versatile, Gold Bar Whiskey is enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in a signature cocktail. The Lady of Fortune, an emblem of luck and prosperity, adorns each bottle as a collector-grade solid brass coin.

The GOLD BAR bottle has received numerous packaging and design awards. It is truly a cutting edge work of art. The GOLD BAR bottle and is made of glass and stands on its own in an upright position. The bottle may also be displayed flat with true gold bar lines.

APPEARANCE = Clean and clear, pours golden amber in color.

AROMA = Burnt sugars and soft hay open to fresh orchard fruits and red berries.

PALATE = Bright and warming with soft sweetness and a creamy mouthfeel. Subtle flavors of red fruits, baking spices, and gentle wood smoke.

FINISH = Smooth and clean with lingering vanilla sweetness.

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Disclaimer for bottles with cork tops:

Please take note that cork quality varies from bottle to bottle and broken corks are not uncommon, especially in aged whiskies. We would like to highlight that a broken cork is not a sign of defect and as the seal is unbroken, the content is fit for consumption.

We take extra care to store our products in a proper and safe environment and regret to inform that we are unable to accept refund or exchange requests due to broken corks for the reasons stated above.

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Gold Bar Whiskey


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